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Heisman Favorite?

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The Heisman Trophy is suppose to be awarded to the most outstanding college football player in the country. But, unfortunately, it often goes to the best player on one of the best teams. This season has been so crazy that even determining the top teams has almost impossible.

So, who is your Heisman favorite?

Pre-season favorites, Darren McFadden, Tim Tebow, and Brian Brohm, all play for teams with multiple losses and probably more to come. Steve Slaton and Pat White fell off the national radar with their loss at South Florida. John David Booty? A quarterback can't win the Heisman by handing off the ball. Right? Chase Daniel just missed his chance on a national stage, Colt Brennan has been injured and plays at Hawaii, and Mike Hart may not be able to rebound from Michigan's first two losses.

How about Matt Ryan at Boston College or Matt Grothe at South Florida? Or DeSean Jackson at Cal or Andre' Woodson at Kentucky?

So, again, who is your Heisman favorite? Without a doubt they are all flawed candidates, but if you had to pick one today, who would it be?