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ABC announced that the Texas-Nebraska game on 10/27 will be one of its 2:30 PM games. I'm especially pleased with that kickoff time, as I'll be flying in to Austin that week for the game. It's pretty much the ideal kickoff time for a solid day of tailgating.

You may have noticed the second team offense take the field against Iowa State on Texas' third possession of the game. You may have also noticed that the entire second team offense is compirsed of freshmen. But did you know that the unit is nicknamed "Storm"? Apparently it is.

Whatever you want to call that group, it marked the first time this season the staff has shaken things up dramatically. Not that there was anything wrong with the first unit on Saturday, but it was great seeing the future out there in a meaningful situation. Ideally, this marks an understanding that building for 2008 and '09 has to start now, and not next spring.

Mack Brown's Monday press conference transcript is up, though there's nothing terribly noteworthy in it. I'd imagine it's a lot more fun to chat with the press when virtually everyone plays well and you win 56-3.

Rick Barnes' Big 12 media day transcript is up, and worth reading. This is an interesting team, and one which will be notably different from last year's squad. It's going to be very interesting to see which combination of front court players are the most effective.

Around The 40 Acres:  The Gregory Gazelles moved up a spot in the rankings to #6 on Monday, while Michelle Moriarty was named Big 12 player of the week... The #1 ranked lady soccer team lost 2-0 in their showdown with A&M, but rebounded to beat Baylor 1-0 on Sunday... Baseball is back for fall exhibitions, including a Friday, 10/26 game at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock...