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Morning Coffee Is So Freaking Glad It's Friday

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Rutgers got a chance last night to do to South Florida what Cincinnati did to them in 2006, and that's exactly what they did, ending USF's magic run with a 30-27 win in Piscataway. However unlikely, I was rather hopeful the Bulls could put together a Shock The Nation season that would keep a team like LSU or Oklahoma out of the BCS title game, but with last night's defeat, those hopes are almost assuredly dashed. Just goes to show, one more time: being ranked in the top five is not a good place to be in 2007.

Chip Brown spends a good chunk of his Friday mail bag explaining why he's been more critical of Mack Brown these past couple weeks. I can't take issue with much of anything Chip says, and echo a majority of it.

Looking at the Texas injury report, Rashaad Bobino (right ankle) and Rod Muckelroy (left ankle) are both probable for Saturday's game against Baylor. Defensive end Aaron Lewis (left elbow) will not play this week.

Saturday's game will be televised on the Versus Network, a channel many of you may not be sure you have. According to the Statesman, Versus can be found as follows:

Time Warner Cable Austin — Channel 470 (available only on digital tier)

SuddenLink: Channel 71
Grande Communications: Channel 123 (digital tier)
DirecTV: Channel 603
Dish Network: Channel 151

If you haven't seen already, MB-TF has undergone a makeover. It's fancy new digs for the Longhorn football program's official online home, with far more multimedia features than had been available in years past. It's a pretty slick vehicle for putting out the team's official news.

And last, the Houston Chronicle's Joseph Duarte has an intresting note on Nate Jones. Apparently, Jones looked at our loaded deck of wide receivers heading into '07 and considered redshirting, the idea being he'd be available to help tutor the younger guys in '08. After Sweed hurt his wrist in August, however, Jones shelved the idea. He leads the Longhorns in receptions and yards on the season.