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Volleyball Preview - UT vs Nebraska Wed Night

From TempestHorn

The Big 12 Championship is on the line Wednesday at 6:30 at Gregory Gym.  As of 2 pm Monday only 500 seats remained.  Jump online and get your tickets if you are able to get there.  

Our 3 losses came at the hands of #2 Penn State and #1 Nebraska.  At the first Penn State Match we ran a 6-2 offense for the first time.  Ashley was injured in the 2nd Penn State Match.  The match in Lincoln we were without Engle & Hooker.  Not excuses, just merely stating we are at full strength Wednesday night running the same system we ran this year.  We replaced Dariam with 6'2" Julian Faucette who is just on fire!!!  We replaced Jen Todd with 5th year senior and All-American Brandy Magee.  We are a better team than the one that had a two game lead on NU last year in Austin but lost in 5.  I expect nothing less than victory.

Outside Hitters:  Faucette and Hooker for Texas.  Houghtelling and Larson for Nebraska.
Advantage:  Slight edge to Texas.  Juliann carried the team last time and I expect her to be just as intense now that she has help to shoulder the load.  Destinee takes it to another level in televised matches and I expect Wednesday night to be no different.  Destinee is capable of hitting OVER the block of 6’5" Pavan.

Middle Blockers:  Paolini and Magee for Texas.  Stalls and Cooper for Nebraska
Advantage: Texas.  Nebraska had the edge in the first meeting, but with Pao back to her natural position I think the edge slides over to the dynamic duo at Texas. Stalls can really tee off on the ball, but expect Pao to match her firepower.  Brandy's blocking leads the bunch.

Opposite Hitter:  Engle for Texas.  Pavan for Nebraska.
Advantage: Nebraska.  Their offense goes through Pavan as she averages almost 5 kills per game.  She is as lethal hitting from the back row as the front.   This match may very well come down to which team's left side block can control the other team's right side hitter.

Setter:  Moriarity for Texax. Holloway for Nebraska.
Advantage: Slight edge to Nebraska.  The setters are pretty even in their ability to distribute the ball to their talent.  Holloway always seems to come up with the well timed dump to give her team a crucial point.  She is easier to rattle than Michelle though.

Libero:   Jennings for Texas.  Schwartz for Nebraska.
Advantage: Even.  Alyson’s 4 years in the backcourt for Texas more than makes up for the edge in Schwartz’s digs per game.  

For Texas to win, Destinee & Juliann need to bring their A game.  One will go up against the block of Pavan (most likely Destinee) the other against Holloway.  Pavan gets frustrated when she doesn't block or her backrow doesn't get the dig.  Destinee had her worked up and chewing on the backrow during the first two games last year in Austin.  Most importantly for Texas, we have to keep the middle blockers and Ashley involved in the offense.  Their involvement will mean the Nebraska middles have to worry about the right side of the net.  In doing that, it will lead to some one on one opportunities for Juliann and Destinee on the left.  When that happens, Point Texas!