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Morning Coffee

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Chip Brown's weekly newsletter is out, with lots of questions and commentary on the running game, a topic we spent a great deal of time on this week. Nebraska hasn't defended the run well at all this season, so if Texas is going to get things started in the right direction, now might be a good time.

Barking Carnival weighs in on the same topic and draws the same conclusion that I did: saying it's Charles' fault is neither accurate nor fair. It's the job of you know who to figure out how to get the most out of kids with superior talent.

Looking at the Texas injury report, Aaron Lewis may return to the field. Ditto fullback Luke Tiemann. WR James Kirkendoll and DT Thomas Marshall are both listed as doubtful.

Remember when the Big 12 was considered a boring, rush-first conference? Not so much these days. Take a look at the national leaderboard for passing yards per game this season: seven of the nation's top 30 passing teams reside in the Big 12 (in order: Texas Tech, Missouri, Baylor, Kansas State, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska). Oklahoma (#37) and Colorado (#45) aren't far behind.

As mentioned in the diaries, the Longhorns hoops team opens the preseason ranked #16 in the Coaches Poll, the seventh straight year the team's been ranked among the Top 25. Meanwhile, DJ Augustin was named to the preseason Wooden Award list. The 'Horns open their exhibition season a week from today at the Drum against Xavier (LA).