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A Word, Please

You know, when things are going well, it's easy for everyone to stay on the same page. When the team struggles? It's much more difficult, for obvious reasons. People will agree generally that things need to change, but there's tremendous variance in opinion about what that entails.

We'll spend all next week, and the week after, and all off season discussing what it is that we think needs to change, but let me just remind people of something: this is a fan site. Authored by a fan. With a fan's opinions. And fan biases.

Few follow this team closer than I do, but that doesn't make my opinions infallible. Just informed. And as has always been the case, I think of my role here as a director of conversation, as opposed to an arbiter of divisive issues. I'll always do my best to make this an interesting, thought-provoking community for like-minded Longhorn fans to talk football, but people shouldn't suddenly start confusing my own takes as some vision of Truth as it relates to Longhorn football. I'm as wrong as often as I'm right, and I'm always comfortable discussing both.

I don't want or need anyone telling me I'm a Longhorn expert; I also don't need anyone telling me I'm an idiot for being wrong.

I'm just a fan. One who spends an ungodly amount of time watching, researching, and writing about the team. Take the opinions that come from that as you will. Just don't lose sight of the fact that this is mostly a big online water cooler for fan talk, that I work my ass off to keep the discussion moving, that I take the right and wrong side of issues as often as anyone else, and that I do all this because I love Texas football, love my fellow fans, and love that we've got a great place to talk about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Cool? Cool.