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Morning Coffee Is Posted In The Morning!

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The Longhorns are creeping back towards the Top 10 in the human polls, but as Suzanne Haliburton notes, Texas doesn't crack the Top 25 in any of the six computer ratings. We spend a good deal of time on ranking stuff here, so this shouldn't surprise anyone; Texas' on-paper resume is pretty thin. Of course, understanding the computer rankings is a whole issue of its own.

SMQ was in DKR's stands on Saturday as a fan for the first time. His impression:

[T]his particular crowd came across to me as relatively docile for 85,000 people, in the same way you usually see attributed to Michigan fans: smart, into the game, mostly patient, but not very loud and certainly not crazy in any noticeable way. Even my dad thought this. Put another way, prior to the entire team lining up to sing "The Eyes of Texas" after the game (which was cool), the most memorable non-football moment of the day concerns some very conventional - in this case, I would say possibly hyper conventional, nearly to the point of unintentional parody - high-fiving.

There's a reason AW and I have nicknamed DKR "The Library."

Pumped up about next week's #4 vs #6 showdown between Arizona State and Oregon? Temper yourself, football fan. The revolution shan't be televised. I hesitate to be hyperbolic (that's a lie), but... this is a miscarriage of justice. From what I can tell, fans with the GamePlan TV Package will get to see the game, but the vast majority of America will not see one of the most important games of the entire 2007 season.

The Gregory Gazelles picked up where they left off on mid-week, sweeping Colorado in Boulder on Saturday night. The Gazelles host a Halloween match Wednesday night when #21 Oklahoma visits Gregory Gymnasium at 6:30 p.m.