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If you haven’t read through the comment thread of Part 2 of the "Fixing the Longhorn Offense" post, I'd urge you to do so. It's enlightening.

There are two competing views on this situation, each of which is meritorious. A majority of respondents seem to think the 2007 train is off (or heading off) the tracks and, for a number of reasons (Colt's health, Chiles' upside, Davis' weaknesses), we'd be wise to make a change at quarterback. Others believe that, so long as Colt's actually healthy, we're better off sticking our best foot forward and re-evaluating as needed.

I do think there's some overlap among issues that's making this more complicated than it might otherwise be. The biggest factor is Colt's health. If McCoy has any lingering symptoms from his concussion this past Saturday, he shouldn't be on the field. A fan could want Chiles to start in his stead this week, then, while wanting Colt to return to the starter's role once healed.

Beyond that, though, there's the matter of winning the game. I think most of us feel we're deserved underdogs in the game. That being the case, there's something to be said for sticking Chiles in there for a baptism by fire. Is it sad that we've given him so few snaps to date? Is it discouraging that Chiles likely wouldn't give us much chance to win? Yes and yes.

Welcome to 2007 Longhorn football. Is it a tragedy or a comedy? Hey, maybe the coaches and players will surprise us and make it a tale of redemption.

I'm trying, best I can, to keep hope alive.

The senior defensive tackles for the Longhorns were saying all the right things on Tuesday about coming together and moving forward. As Lokey told the Dallas Morning News: "I think after a loss, your team can go one of two ways: together or apart. I think this team is pulling together." Duane Akina says the group has pulled together in the film room and is rallying together, building confidence back up for Oklahoma.

Or are they? On Monday, Lokey was asked about the prospects of falling to 0-2 in conference play on the season. Oddly enough, he answered the question.

"It's crazy to think about, but even being 0-2 doesn't mean you're necessarily out of it in this conference, in the South Division. It's going to be a tough year, there's a lot of parity in this south division. It's not to say that just because a team is 0-2, that they're out of it."

Sigh... I guess Lokey didn't get a chance to watch 60 Minutes this past Saturday.

Feeling down about the team's loss this past Saturday? Remember... it could be worse.

The Gregory Gazelles travel to A&M tonight for a conference volleyball showdown. The match will be televised on ESPNU; schedule permitting, I'll try to liveblog the event.

Briefly: If you don't love Dan Hawkins for beating OU, then love him for this... Aaron Ross called Brandon Foster on Sunday to give him a pep talk... Brian Orakpo and Sergio Kindle expect to play Saturday.