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The Ultimate Spin? Or Ultimate Joke?

I get a lot of emails from readers, almost all of which are interesting opinions or pointers to helpful news links. This morning? I was greeted by this:

Yesterday Mack Brown at his weekly press conference claimed that his staff asked McCoy to play hurt to bring John Chiles in the game for one play with the intention of bringing McCoy back on the next play to run a designed quarterback run off the zone read.  You could hear the reporters sort of chuckle in the background, but he adamantly stuck to this story.  I was shocked by that, as were the other people in the room with me, but I have not heard a single news source cover this story yet.  Was Mack serious?

I couldn't believe this without hearing it, and a check of the official transcript showed no such exchange. But, after some back and forth with the emailer, we got the audio isolated and I got to listen. And now you can, too.

So, you be the judge: Mack Brown, master of deadpan? Or the single most ridiculous spin attempt in the history of spin?

Update [2007-10-30 10:8:17 by HornsFan]: First commenter below notes that if you watch video of the presser, you can tell Mack's joking. In which case, I tip my cap to Mack. You can't tell on the audio at all. A fine job indeed. And they say he has no sense of humor...