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Happy Halloween, You Absurd, Crazy People

I'm taking the day off from blogging to enjoy the absurdity that is Halloween. And in honor of that absurdity, one of the most absurd phenomenons of all time: Pop Lock and Drop It on YouTube. You wouldn't believe the vast array of videos inspired by this track. Take a look yourself, or enjoy the samples below. Absurd indeed.

Rock-afire! (Yes, the creator of this has a whole vault of intricately programmed Rock-afire performances.)

Nope, not worried about having a teenager daughter. Not at all.

Chipmunks? There's a market for chipmunk rap? Believe it.

Wait, what? That absurdity wasn't insane enough for you? Need something even crazier?

Fair enough, but don't say I didn't warn you: proceed with caution. If you're at work, probably not at all. Certainly not with volume your co-workers can hear.

Oh. My. God.

Happy Halloween, BONers. Try not to do anything too absurd.