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One of the sadder consequences of Texas' offensive struggles this season is Jamaal Charles staying in the shadows a bit. He's running as well as anyone in the country, but is stuck in a miserable system. Part of Texas' turnaround, if there is one, will be figuring out how to use Charles better.

The Dallas Morning News has a nice feature on Charles and Earl Campbell working together.

Suzanne Haliburton has a Longhorns notebook focusing on turnovers in the RRS. In Mack Brown's four wins, Texas has forced 5, 2, 4, and 4 OU turnovers. The team is talking about being aggressive with the Sooners this year, which is fine so long as they mean physical and not reckless.

Colorado did a superb job of taking away Sam Bradford's comfortable passes (i.e. Malcolm Kelly) while manning up with the Sooners in the run game. Texas can try the same, of course, provided a certain set of personnel moves behind the defensive line and in front of the secondary are made.

I'm tired of even saying it...

Me, a stick, and Robert Killebrew as the horse.

Joseph Duarte has a nice side by side comparison of Bob Stoops and Mack Brown, whose records in virtually every category are identical.

Except one. Bob Stoops has brought four Big 12 championships back to Norman, while Brown has just one. Of all the criticisms Mack Brown endures (most of which are petty), this is the one with the most bite. If Mack doesn't want to be stuck on one for another year, he and the Longhorns absolutely must win on Saturday. As far as the Big 12 title is concerned, it's sink or swim in Dallas.

You know things aren't going very well when there's a story in the LA Times about Vince Young scolding the Longhorns. VY, who was in Austin for last Saturday's meltdown, questioned the team's off-the-field troubles and on-the-field effort.

Somehow, someway, Mack Brown's gonna have to find a post-VY identity for this team. Much, much easier said than done.