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BON Interviews ESPN's Lee Corso

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An opportunity to chat with Lee Corso came up today, which is something you don't pass up. He was about to board a plane, so our conversation was brief. Enjoyable, nonetheless. What follows is a transcript of our chat.

Someone on the sign patrol team got fired...
Lee, how important do you sense this weekend's game is for Texas and Mack Brown?

Lee Corso, ESPN The fact is, this game is tremendously important for both teams. Both teams have lost already and I don't know when the last time both teams entered this game on a losing streak, but I'm sure it's been a long time. Neither team can afford to lose because the loser is definitely out of the national title chase. The winner will still have a chance to remain in the conversation.

One reason we all want your job is because you get to travel to all of America's great college football destinations. Which one is your personal favorite?

Lee Corso, ESPN Nebraska. They have the best college football fans. They have tremendous spirit and those fans really know and love the game. And they respect their opponents. I remember when I was coaching at Indiana 30 years ago and we went in to Lincoln and late in the fourth quarter I went for it on fourth down deep in my own territory. Nebraska stopped us and won that game, but as we came off the field, those stands gave us a standing ovation. They do that sort of stuff all the time.

One of the traditions of Gameday is the gathering of the large crowds behind the set. As you know, the fans bring all sorts of creative signage with them. Do you ever read the signs behind you?

Lee Corso, ESPN I don't read them at all. In fact, we have a sign patrol with police and truck staff who regulate the signs and take down the vulgar ones. So I don't actually read those things.

Switching gears to a more philosophical question - how conscious are you and your crew of the effect your coverage can have on rankings, awards, and perceptions of teams?

Lee Corso, ESPN More than people would anticipate. We understand that a lot of people watch what we're saying, but we think that our opinions are based on facts that are true. The bottom line is that the voters pick the teams and players they want on the merits, not on what we say.

And finally, before I let you go, I have to know: who spends more time on his hair? Kirk or Chris?

Lee Corso, ESPN I don't actually see those guys off stage - we prep in different areas so I'm not really sure.

If you had to guess.

Lee Corso, ESPN I have no idea.

Not gonna bite on this one, are you.

Lee Corso, ESPN Nope.

Tierra del Fuego. Thanks for taking the time to chat and enjoy the weekend's games.

Lee Corso, ESPN I always do. Thanks for getting in touch.