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Post Game Thoughts: Horns Fall 28-21

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PB will be along later today or tomorrow with his thoughts. Here are a few of mine.

Jamaal Charles's fumble was, without a doubt, the game changer. The Horns had marched right down the field to open the second half and had a chance to take the lead and seize the momentum. Charles has one hand on the ball, an OU defender makes a great play, momentum vanishes and Horns were never really able to recover.

Finley was huge in the first half but not utilized at all in the second.

Limas Sweed was not a factor at all and was not even on the field on our final drive. Hurt? Don't know for sure but something isn't right.

The offensive line got whipped but not as badly as Colt McCoy's scrambles made them look. There were plenty of opportunities for McCoy to stay in the pocket when he took off running instead. To throw the ball down the field, the line needs to give the quarterback time and the quarterback needs to trust his offensive line. That trust is not there, making it difficult for the Horns to stretch the defense with the deep ball.

Thankfully, the horizontal passing game that we all hate was ripped from the playbook, save one play to Jordan Shipley.

If the two turnovers and the deadball penalities weren't enough to cement a loss, our secondary play finished us off. Poor communication in our back four led to the second half Kelley touchdown and to at least three other deeps balls to OU wideouts and tight ends.

Overall, the Horns played well decently. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

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