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The Lesson

I've got just a couple points to make right now. We'll do official post-game reaction in a bit.

  1. Texas is winless in its last four conference games and that needs to be said. Loudly.
  1. Texas played good football today and, if you ask me, was the better team on the field. Last year against OU, the 'Horns benefited from five turnovers in winning an otherwise tight game. This year? Oklahoma got the breaks. You win some, you lose some.
  1. I was proud of the football team I saw out there today. We missed opportunities to win the game, and I'm damn pissed off about it, but at least we looked like a real football team.
  1. With (3) said, the other losses during this losing streak were inexcusable. In that sense, today's good showing was both good and bad. Nice to see the Longhorns show up and play a good football game. Frustrating as hell to wonder why we had to hibernate in between good games.


Sadly, it's a simple one: you can't pick and choose where you put in your max effort as a coaching staff and as a team. Sometimes, you play and coach pretty damn well and come out on the wrong side, as we did today. But if you play and prepare to the best of your abilities every time out, there's no way you lose all four of the games that Texas has lost.

I'm very proud of our team today.

I'm also damn sad that we haven't seen this kind of performance from the team with regularity.

Four. Straight. Conference. Losses.