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Postgame React: Oklahoma

Watching these night games helps quite a bit, doesn't it? It's easy to think your team is the one with all the problems. Everyone has problems...

The outcome was: As good a loss as you could ask for. I'm not one for moral victories, so don't confuse this for satisfaction. We lost a game we should have won, and, excruciatingly, the opponent was Oklahoma. I've been vomiting profusely this evening. Still, part of me is happy that Texas played good enough football to win today. It wasn't exactly our day, but we looked like a good team. Much, much better than last Saturday, anyway.

The Offensive MVP was: Colt McCoy. The interception was a critical mistake, but I was proud of Colt today. I can't imagine how tough a week he had dealing with the concussion talk, the four interceptions, the loss to KSU at home, etc... He did damn well today. He wasn't perfect, but he done did good.

The Defensive MVP was: Frank Okam. That guy? Killed OU in the middle. The D-Line as a whole played damn well.

The offensive Offensive Player Of The Week was: Limas Sweed. He's too good to be making some of the mistakes that he is.

The offensive Defensive Player Of The Week was: Scott Derry. In a game featuring high quality football players, Derry was out of place.

John Chiles Watch: 1 carry, 4 yards. Texas ran a nice misdirection play with Chiles in the game, but otherwise decided this was not to be a swearing in ceremony for the true freshman. I do think Davis would have been wise to use Chiles more generously, if for no other reason than to help establish Texas' running game and make OU's linebackers think a bit more. The Longhorns finished with just 61 yards rushing.

Vondrell McGee Watch: 1 carry, 1 yard, 1 TD. Honestly? This is a waste of talent. If you recognize that the kid is good at picking up critical yards and trust him to punch in your touchdowns... use him in situations other than goal-to-go from the one. Given JC's fumble problems, I hope this changes soon.

Iowa State Fear Factor: 0 out of 10....   (5) is the baseline. (-5) for Iowa State is awful.

Heading into next week I feel: Glad that I'm a fan of this sport in general, and not just the Longhorns. This season has been damn fun, even with Texas slipping.

Let me say this, too: 2007 may be a bit of a lost cause, but I'm seeing a lot on the field that makes me feel good about 2008 and '09. No joke:

QB: McCoy/Chiles - I'm comfortable believeing one or both will be strong heading forward.
RB: Charles/McGee - The talent here is far better than the scheme would lead you to believe.
OL: Huey/Allen/Hix/Burnette/etc - The line's been a weak spot this year, but there's a ton of talent in the pipelines.
WR: Shipley/Collins/Kirkendoll/Williams/etc - An embarrassment of riches
TE: Finley/Irby - Limitless potential.

DE: Houston/Jones/Acho/Melton/etc - Another embarrassment of riches. Mack's recruited this position ridiculously well
DT: Miller/Alexander - Whoops. A moderate area of concern here, as Jones was supposed to be The Guy here. Not horribly concerned, as there are candidates to move inward. Still, a position to think about.
LB: Muck/Norton/Kindle/Robinson - There's hope. Really.
DB: Beasley/Palmer/Chykie/C. Brown/Wells - By 2009, we'll be loaded here.
S: Scott/Oduegwu - Another area of concern. Robert Joseph and Andre Jones couldn't have hurt this team more with their (alleged) thuggery.