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Draft BlogPoll Ballot: I Have No Clue

We'll get back to Texas football on Monday (lots of big questions to sort through), but Sunday's the day to start talking about the national scene. Don't forget to listen in to EDSBS LIVE radio tonight.

And help me, please figure out a Top 25 ballot. This is absolute insanity.

(Last week's rank in parentheses.)

1. LSU (2) Not only can I not ding them Les Miles points, I'm obligated to tip my cap to the Tigers' coach, who was straight balls on Saturday night. Five out of five fourth-down conversions? Managing to perfection a rally from a 10-point fourth quarter deficit? Even if I hate to do it, I have to do it: Les Miles was outstanding last night. LSU's your clear-cut #1.

2. California (3) We're to the point where it's safer not to play.

3. Ohio State (4) The Buckeyes totally smothered Purdue last night, though I'm not sure how many people were watching. With all the other craziness last night, this game was overlooked somewhat. Purdue managed just 4 yards rushing on the evening, and Ohio State is suddenly in terrific position for a BCS Title Game run. Wow.

4. South Florida (5) They weren't as crisp as last weekend, but winning is clearly the name of the game these days. Just win. Nothing else matters.

5. Boston College (6) Same deal - just keep winning.

6. Arizona State (9) Dennis Erickson's squad had to fight for their lives on the road, but left Pullman with a 23-20 win. The operative word here - once more - is win.

7. Missouri (10) I've been noting my love for this offense all season, and they certainly showed off last night in Columbia. Missouri took it to Nebraska, blowing out the Huskers 41-6 in moving to 5-0. That win over Illinois is looking better and better, too.

8. Cincinnati (11) Cincy goes on the road to Rutgers and pulls out a 28-23 win with a 21-point third quarter and some timely second half defense. Again: USF, Cincy, and UCONN are your undefeated Big East teams. This season is bonkers.

9. Oregon (13) Another team moves up without playing. Next up for the Ducks? Washington State. There are no gimmes anymore. None.

10. Oklahoma (15) Credit to the Sooners - they took a pretty solid shot from Texas and came out the other side victorious. Sam Bradford was steady and, at times, exceptional. His two passes to put OU up 7-0 were simply unguardable. Nex up? A huge, huge game with Missouri.

11. South Carolina (19) Thursday night's home win was just solid. South Carolina continues to play great defense, while getting enough on offense to continue to win games. The most impressive thing about SC? Spurrier plays the best talent - period - regardless of age. There are young players making a difference right now simply because they're better. It's refreshing.

12. Kansas (16) The Jayhawks are 5-0 after travelling to Manhattan and beating KSU 28-24. It's just bizarre seeing Kansas have a respectable offense. Truly, truly bizarre. Like this whole season.

13. Kentucky (7) Thursday night's loss at South Carolina stung, but the 'Cats biggest test comes this week as they host LSU. Given what we've seen this season, is there any reason to think UK won't win? I mean...

14. Auburn (18) A nice, comfortable win for Auburn over Vandy has them back on track in the SEC.

15. Southern Cal (1) This resume is really starting to sag. A home loss to Stanford? The win over Nebraska looks worthless. This is a team lacking in consistency and killer instinct. So it goes: you can't win 'em all, right?

16. Florida State (21) They never look real good, but they're winning again. The move to Xavier Lee was the right thing to do.

17. Illinois (NR) The Zooker has things turned around in Champagne, improbable as it may seem. Youth is being served across the country.

18. Florida (12) I thought they had it. I really, really did. Watch out for this team in 2008. All the pieces are there to dominate.

19. West Virginia (22) Easy win over Syracuse.

20. Virginia Tech (NR) Clemson will never beat Virginia Tech again. Ever.

21. Hawaii (23) Onward, upward. The schedule remains soft until late November.

22. Tennessee (NR) I was happy to be right about this one. And happy for Holly. I am, of course, sad for Kyle and my Bulldog friends. All I can say is: I feel your pain.

23. Georgia (14) Like I said: I feel your pain.

24. Connecticut (25) DNP

25. Colorado (NR) You can literally see the progress.