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Morning Coffee Is Salivating For Aggie Sanctimony

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Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News points out that Texas has left the Red River Shootout with two losses before under Mack Brown (2000 and 2003). Each time, Texas won out to finish the season.

I'd certainly like to see that, of course, and it's worth noting that Texas technically isn't totally eliminated from winning the Big 12 South (though they need a lot of help). I do hope, though, that a bulk of the effort in 2007 is spent grooming this team for 2008 and '09. That means sitting players like Brandon Foster, Robert Killebrew, Scott Derry, and Erick Jackson. That means figuring out how you plan to use John Chiles. That means figuring out what you want to do with your running game.

Texas best players at its weakest positions are underclassmen. Time to take off the training wheels.

If you missed it over in the Diaries, Texas Tech students have created an interesting t-shirt for wear during A&M's visit to Lubbock next Saturday.

You could argue that this goes beyond the pale of acceptable taunting, but I must admit I'm rather looking forward to the Aggie meltdown over the shirt. That? Will be funny.

Also noted in the diaries: former Longhorn safety Tyrell Gatewood was arrested again on misdemeanor drug charges. Gatewood was suspended from the team indefinitely on September 13th.

Amazingly, Texas extended its stay in the AP Top 25 to 115 weeks. I do think we're one of the best 25 teams in the country, but we certainly don't have many pelts on our wall right now. Fortunately for Texas, this season's been straight chaotic. It's been hard to find 25 teams to rank, period.

I got a tip from a reader who wondered why Team USA Softball wasn't on the Longhorns' schedule this year. In 2004, the Longhorns were embarrassed 21-0 by the national squad, though Texas' top two pitchers were unavailable for the game. Still, given Cat Osterman's ties to the university, I know there are a lot of softball fans in Austin - not to mention Cat herself - who would love to see this game happen.