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DJ Augustin: Big 12 Player of the Year?

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If you're asking Big 12 coaches, then yes. Augustin was tabbed as the conference's preseason Player of the Year by Big 12 coaches (who could not vote for their own players). Joining Augustin on the preseason All Big 12 team: Darrell Arthur (Kansas), Brandon Rush (Kansas), Curtis Jerrells (Baylor), Joseph Jones (A&M), and Aleks Maric (Nebraska). I have no idea why the team has six players.

In other hoops news, the pairings for the 2007 Legends Classic have been announced, with Texas hosting UC Davis and Arkansas-Monticello on November 16th and 18th at the Erwin Center. Assuming Texas wins their preliminary games, they would advance to the tournament semifinals in Newark, NJ, to play (in all likelihood) New Mexico State. Filling out the bottom of the bracket would be West Virginia and Tennessee.

Update [2007-10-9 17:24:54 by HornsFan]: I got a reader email noting that Texas will advance to the semifinals regardless of the outcomes in the preliminary games. So if you're in the New Jersey area, you can count on the 'Horns being there.