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Every now and again, enough reader emails come in on topics worth exploring publicly that I'll put a post together for the site. This is one such time. As always, you can email me any time with questions.

Hey PB - got started reading your site this summer and like the way you cover the team. The pictures on your site always look real grainy, though. Any idea why?

Chris L

They look like crap on my computer screen if I ever view the site through Internet Explorer. But I pretty much use Firefox exclusively. Honestly? I'm a techno-caveman with a lot of this stuff, so I can't give you any technical explanation for this.

Just the basic rule: BON is sexier in Firefox!

Be honest, PB. Do you think there's any chance that Mack Brown fires Greg Davis? Not just this year, but ever?

Eddie Birch

I doubt it, Eddie. For one thing, Greg Davis has done relatively (operative word) well as Mack's offensive coordinator. The struggles in big games against good defenses drive fans crazy, but Davis' overall resume is pretty solid. And as far as Mack's concerned, this is the man who helped him win a national title with Vince Young. Superman made it look easy, but Mack got the ultimate prize, and he got it with Davis as his OC.

It's also worth noting that many close to the program believe Mack Brown is eyeing retirement sooner, rather than later. If that's true, the odds of him seeking a different OC decrease further.

One interesting scenario to ponder: if the Athletic Department ever decides Major Applewhite is a legitimate candidate to succeed Brown at Texas, it's not at all unfathomable that Davis would step aside to bring in Major for further grooming. But I'm waaaay out on the speculative plank here.

Before you start coronating John Chiles as the next Vince Young, you might want to remember that the backup quarterback is always the most popular player at Texas. We don't have any idea how good Chiles is yet.


Two notes in response here:

  1. You made part of my own point in your concluding sentence: we just don't know about Chiles yet. But it would be smart to figure out what he can do, and in what capacity he can and should be used. The one thing that's guaranteed to be true is that we won't know anything about Chiles while he's standing on the sidelines.
  1. I've never compared him to Vince Young. The comparison has always been between Greg Davis as director of an offense with a mobile quarterback and Greg Davis as director of an offense without one. He's succeeded with the former, and established a firm celing with the latter. Shouldn't we at least see what kind of mobile QB John Chiles can be?

What's the latest on Gary Johnson??


I'm hoping the readers can help out here. The last I heard (about two weeks ago), Johnson was working out in some capacity with Longhorn coaches, but it wasn't clear whether he'd be cleared to play for the season. If anyone knows anything more recent about Johnson's status, feel free to chime in.