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Morning Coffee Is Excited For Tipoff

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Let's start with the Gazelles, who swept Oklahoma 3-0 last night behind 16 kills from Destinee Hooker. The amazingly talented sophomore connected on 16 of her 30 tries for a ridiculous .533 percentage, while Texas as a team finished at .467. The Sooners as a team hit .138. That's dominance.

The Oklahoman's John Helsey takes a look at this weekend's Texas-Oklahoma State matchup and concludes that this represents the best opportunity for a Cowpoke victory since the John Mackovic era. Even with Texas' fourth quarter explosion versus Nebraska, Helsey's not sold that this Texas team's turned any corners:

Now heading to Stillwater, could it be that the Longhorns have rediscovered an old weapon as a highlight to their resurgence?

Or was Saturday's late surge — like their three-game winning streak — simply an aberration, courtesy of the hapless Huskers?

Bet on the latter.

Helsey goes on to note that Texas owns just one win over a team with a winning record (Central Florida), with two losses to the only two strong teams on its schedule. Helsey's conclusion? It walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...

The Horns didn't stumble onto anything Saturday, other than the fact that they're nothing more than ordinary.

Now there's some negative media coverage that Mack can latch on to and show his players.

The Texas basketball team returns to the hardwood tomorrow tonight for a preseason exhibition with Xavier (Louisiana). This will be the 'Horns only exhibition game of the year and is a non-ticketed event. Seating will be open - first come, first serve. No starting lineups have been announced. AW tells me he's headed to the Drum, so I'll look forward to his initial impression of Gary Johnson.