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Kindle Out for OSU

Bumped from the diaries. Ugh... --PB--

From the AAS:

Longhorn sophomore linebacker Sergio Kindle will miss Saturday’s game at Oklahoma State because of a stinger injury to his shoulder, the team announced Thursday. Kindle was injured late in last week’s Texas victory over Nebraska.

The linebackers will be crucial to the team's success against OSU's balanced offensive attack.  After Kindle's monstrous game against Nebraska, this is a tough blow for both him and the team to take.  Longhorn nation is collectively hoping for a speedy recovery in time for Tech and A&M, where his speed, power, and instincts will again be needed to stifle their offensive attacks.  I'm hoping that Kindle will avoid a college career like Adrian Peterson's, where massive talent and desire give way to nagging injuries.  Perhaps this is the toll of such punishing tackling by Kindle and he'll just have to learn strategies for self-preservation.  This should be easier than it was for Peterson, as Kindle is the one delivering, not sustaining, the blows.