the tech game sham

I've seen a good amount of tech games, but one was one of the most deflating games I've witnessed in a while;_...

great job by for getting that.

also everyone should check out doubletnation, no one else ive seen has been able to put into words exactly what most tech fans feel during the Texas game. I'll admit i am a rather passionate tech fan, and a rather passionate Texas hater, but even y'all have to realize that obvious bias that Texas receives for every big twelve game (outside of ou) but it really seems way to obvious that whenever texas needs a break or a change of momentum that the yellow and red flags just come falling like manna from heaven. it has just gotten bad. the officials gave Texas the shipley touchdown, and took away the britton touchdown. thats 14 points in a 16 point game.

i've seen a good amount of tech games, but one was one of the most deflating games ive ever seen

but, the only thing more painful to watch than the officiating was techs defense. if u had told me before the game that tech would score 43 points and jamal charles would get hurt at half. i would be reallly really confident in a tech victory, but colt mccoy (oh dear god, i hate that name, and i hate the whole aura that sounds him... seriously guys his only production came on broken plays, he just simply cannot run an offense) would scramble for eight on a third and seven, or there would be a reciever 5 yards up the field on third and three. that was just like chinesse water torture.

I am a big fan of ruffin  and i think he can turn around the tech defense, but he has a really long way to go.

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