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40 AS Non-Conference Game Of The Week

Do we have an obligation to write this week? No. This week the Longhorns are off, so our proven effect on the outcome of Texas games (9-0 when we write a 40ASNCGOW; 0-2 when we don't) is not an issue. So you can be sure that this week we are writing not because we have to, but because we want to. We just got a little bit of the warm fuzzies from typing that. But then the question hit us: what is the biggest game outside the Big 12 South this weekend? A week ago it would have been obvious: Michigan vs Ohio State. But now, with both Big Ten powers losing last week and Ohio State essentially eliminated from National Title contention, the question becomes a bit more murky. What about Arizona State vs Southern Cal, for instance? But then we decided, hey, we were already planning to talk about OSU-Michigan; why should the realities of the world change our plans? Plus, you have a rooting interest in this game no matter where you live because you are going to figure out which state your obnoxious co-worker grew up in and cheer for the other team. So here goes with the "biggest rivalry ever in the history of the world that no other rivalry can even come close to matching until the Red Sox and Yankees are playing on ESPN next Spring Training" if you believe what you hear on TV (despite the fact that we are unaware of any scrotal rippage resulting from this showdown). Michigan vs Ohio State it is.

Not necessarily football-related reasons to like Michigan: On the 2005 Rose Bowl DVD there is a great interview between Darrell K. Royal, Bo Schembechler, and Keith Jackson. During the interview Jackson asks both coaches what was the biggest victory in their respective careers. Schembechler answers that his first Michigan-Ohio State victory in 1969 was the biggest he could think of. DKR then answers that Schembechler beating Woody Hayes in 1969 was the biggest victory of his career as well because it made Texas #1 ahead of its victory against #2 Arkansas five days later. For that reason alone, we should all cheer for Michigan this weekend. Plus, odds are that your obnoxious co-worker is from Cleveland, or Cincinnati, or some crap like that.

Not necessarily football-related reasons to like Ohio State: The game is being played at the Big House--site of Michigan's two ugly early-season losses. Chad Henne and Mike Hart both want to win badly--but will they even play? The banged up Michigan senior leaders and their teammates all want to win for rumored-to-be-retiring coach Lloyd Carr; but how often do lame duck coaches finally figure out a guy across the sidelines who has had their number for years? If Darrell Royal couldn't get over the Barry Switzer hump, then here's betting Lloyd Carr can't shake his Jim Tressel demons either.

Battle of the YouTubes:
This is for the win...Good! Texas wins!

What a great play for the Horns!