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40AS Non-Conference Game of the Week

Here we are at the last week of the regular season and we're right back where we started: with LSU. The Tigers are #1 and are playing a very important game for lots of teams (including Texas). It's Thanksgiving week but we know how important we are to the Horns winning. All LSU has to do is ignore the rumors that Les Miles might leave, contain Ryan Perrilloux's crime of the week, and tackle Darren McFadden. It should set the stage for a good Friday of football watching, so we preview LSU vs. Arkansas. We expect that since Texas plays against aggie at the exact same time as this game, this preview will be the one and only time most of you pay any attention at all to this game (except to occasionally check on it during Horns commercials, only to wonder loudly how it's possible that 2 football games could be at commercial at the same time, every time. We hate that too), so we'll see what we can do to help.

Not necessarily football-related reason to like Arkansas: There really aren't many. Northern Arkansas is really pretty as we found out during our road trip there in 2004. Also, this is the second to last time that we can make comments like "Nutt to replace Dick with Johnson for the game with the Gamecocks." Darren McFadden is fun to watch too, so there's a third reason. This paragraph took an hour and a half to write.

Not necessarily football-related reason to like LSU: Aside from the hiccup at Kentucky, the Tigers have given us no reason to believe they won't win this game. They have also given us no reason to believe that this game won't be very much in doubt until the final 3 minutes or less. Les Miles' "Cardiac Tigers" may not lose again before he takes off for Michigan, but you can bet they'll cause several Cajun heart attacks along the way. Perhaps more importantly, a big reason to like LSU is that no one tailgates like Tiger fans. This is partially because of the abundance of available space on the LSU campus, partially because of the fact that jambalaya tastes better than most folks' tailgate food, and partially because many fans are having their Thanksgiving meal of bourbon-stuffed bourbon bottles with bourbon sauce on campus right now.

Why Texas fans should care: Where do you want to be on New Year's eve? New Orleans sounds fun, no? If you want to see Texas in the Sugar Bowl then LSU going to the national title game is essential. LSU in the #1 spot of the BCS opens up the Sugar Bowl for an at-large team and gives them the first pick. We think the Sugar Bowl takes a 10-2 Texas team over a Georgia team coming off a loss in the SECCG. Of course, things get dicey if Tennessee beats Kentucky this weekend, thus leaving UGA coming off a (probable) win over Georgia Tech. But again, all of that is moot unless LSU takes care of business and vacates the SEC's automatic spot in the Sugar.

Battle of the youtubes:
"I had hoped God would be neutral"

Roy was good