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Dear Mack Brown,

Texas football is mediocre this year. It was Alamo Bowl mediocre last year.

Your defensive coordinator(s) just got slaughtered by a pedestrian Aggie offense.

Your offensive coordinator proved his critics right with another dud. Also against a pedestrian Aggie unit.

Losses to OU and A&M in the same season. Two in a row to the Aggies; six of eight to OU.

I said before the game that this was an important one. If you didn't believe me, just wait 'til you hear some of the things this fanbase is going to have to say about this loss. And about this season.

Frankly, the status quo rather sucks. Whether or not you get that 10th win your obsessed with.

Whatcha gonna do about it?


(Also: Official A&M Postgame React post forthcoming in a bit. And, as a bonus, my first postgame react post of the hoops season as I just finished watching Texas beat New Mexico State over on Versus. Both posts up here in a bit tonight. AW is on the road back from College Station and will surely have some thoughts of his own on the football. Finally, for those who have just wanted to rant and set aside the heady talk? I don't blame ya. We've got a long offseason to think about things - you've got every right to be pissed off right now. --PB--)