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BCS Selections: One Week to Go

After the results from Friday and Saturday, the BCS bowl picture became a little clearer but with three BCS conference championship games still to come, there remain a number of possible scenarios.

Assuming Missouri, LSU, and Virginia Tech win on Saturday, here is what the BCS bowls would look like:

National Championship: Missouri vs. West Virginia
Both teams play on Saturday, with the Tigers facing the tougher challenge in the Sooners in San Antonio.

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. USC
The Rose automatically matches the Big 10 and Pac 10 champs as long as neither is in the top two in the BCS.

Fiesta Bowl: Kansas vs. Arizona State
The Fiesta would lose the Big 12 champ (Missouri) and would make the first replacement pick. Assuming the Fiesta Bowl wants another Big 12 team, they would go with KU at 11-1 over 10-3 OU. Arizona State would be the pick after the Orange Bowl’s first pick. I am assuming the Sun Devils beat Mike Stoops to finish at 10-2.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Hawaii
The SEC champion Tigers would land in New Orleans automatically. If the Warriors finish in the top 12, they will automatically be BCS bound. This year the Sugar Bowl must pick last and will be forced to select Hawaii, just as the Fiesta was forced to take Boise State last year.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Georgia
The ACC champion automatically heads to Miami and the Orange Bowl gets the first pick after any replacement selections. At 10-2, Georgia is a no-brainer.

But, let’s throw in some craziness. Now let’s assume that OU wins the Big 12 instead of the Tigers.

National Championship: Ohio State vs. West Virginia
The Buckeyes are in the safest place possible this season: at home.

Rose Bowl: _____ vs. USC
In this scenario, the Rose Bowl would be the one making the replacement selection having lost Ohio State. Would the Rose take 10-2 Georgia and expect Dawg fans to travel cross country? Maybe. What about 11-1 Kansas? Don’t know. What if they wanted to maintain the Big 10 / Pac 10 standard. Would the Rose pick Illinois and cause the Big 12 to get just a single team? Just for kicks, let’s say they take the Illini.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Arizona State
OU because the Big 12 champ automatically goes to Glendale and the Sun Devils as a Pac 10 at-large.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Hawaii
Same as above.

Orange Bowl:Virginia Tech vs. Georgia
Same as above.

If Hawaii automatically qualifies, it will be tough for the ACC championship loser (Va Tech or Boston College) to land an at-large selction.

If LSU loses the SEC championship, they will drop out of the BCS and Tennessee and Georgia will represent the SEC in BCS bowls.

If the Big 12 only puts one team in the BCS (ie OU in the Fiesta), the Gator Bowl will be allowed to pick a Big 12 team ahead of the Cotton and Holiday bowls, thus selecting Kansas. This would put Missouri in the Cotton and Texas in the Holiday.

If West Virginia and Missouri both lose,...BCS chaos. Ohio State would be in the National Championship, but its anyone’s guess who their opponent would be. 10-2 Georgia? 11-2 LSU? But the Tigers could still lose. 11-2 Virginia Tech? But the Hokies could still lose and already have once this season to BC. How about 10-2 USC or 11-2 OU? It could happen. What a year!