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Morning Coffee Won't Settle For The Three

Mark Rosner has a nice featurette on the scalding start by junior AJ Abrams, whose focus on improving his all around offensive game has paid big dividends in the early going. The undersized shooting guard has worked hard on scoring chances inside the three point line, with great early results. He's also displaying greater patience than he did last season, when he felt the need to force shots if he wasn't scoring early. The looks will only become harder and harder to come by as the season progresses, but if AJ continues to focus on his game the way he has so far, he's going to have a fine, fine season. Perhaps all-conference good.

Someone mentioned this in a diary or post somewhere, but I hadn't seen it 'til today: SI's Luke Winn is on board with Texas early. The most interesting bit may be Winn's last segment, where he notes how strong the state of Texas portion of the Big 12 appears to be: Baylor beat Notre Dame and Winthrop to win the Paradise Jam Invitational, Texas A&M buried Ohio State to win the NIT, and Texas blew out Tennessee to win the Legends. AW and I haven't done much Big 12 previewing just yet, but as Winn's note suggests, the Lone Star segment of the conference is outstanding. (Don't forget Texas Tech, which is off to a solid start, as well.) Throw in Final Four contender Kansas, a dangerous young K-State team, an up-and-coming Missouri squad (Mike Anderson's a better coach than most realize), and a rapidly improving young OU squad, and the Big 12 is going to be as tough a testing ground as there is this year.

Congratulations to seniors Tony Hills and Marcus Griffin, as well as junior Jamaal Charles, for making the All Big 12 First Team. A nod of appreciation to seniors Derek Lokey and Frank Okam for making the Second Team. Ryan Bailey, Quan Cosby, Scott Derry, Jermichael Finley, Dallas Griffin, Brandon Foster, Roy Miller, and Adam Ulatoski all received Honorabe Mention.

40 Acre Sports reminded me: Ricky Williams made his return to the NFL on Monday night with the Dolphins. Unfortunately, he tore a chest muscle and is done for the year. His agent says he'll return in '08.