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Say Goodbye to Coach Fran Thread

It's official. Coach Fran and Texas A&M are talking buyout. This is, of course, not a suprise. However, the timing is a little strange. The Aggies have two regular season games remaining: at Missouri and vs. Texas. And surprisingly, they are already bowl eligible. I guess not even three straight wins would be enough. It remains unclear whether Coach Fran will guide the Aggies the rest of the season.

According to ESPN, Fran could inexplicably take home $8 million! Oh, to be so bad and so rich.

This is a sad day for Longhorn fans. Having Coach Fran in College Station was worth countless laughs and usually a season ending W. Head on over to TexAgs to take it all in.

Names A&M is rumored to be considering: Tommy Tuberville, Auburn; Will Muschamp, Auburn; and Gary Patterson, TCU.

Other names: Mike Price, UTEP and Chris Peterson, Boise State.

And of course a few pipe dreams: Jeff Tedford, Cal and Steve Spurrier, South Carolina.

Whoever they land won't make any difference until they can start winning recruiting battles with OU, Texas, and LSU.

As a Texas fan, who would scare you the most? Would anyone scare you? Post your thoughts and goodbyes here.