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I get a text from AW a half an hour ago imploring me to check out the scene at Oh am I glad I did.

From the Football Forum comes a host of laugh out loud funny threads as the peanut gallery coaching search gets underway in College Station.

A few of my favorites are below. Yes, [sic] throughout.

Topic: Who is the Billy Gillispie of college football?

FTAB77: That's who I want (except I want him for more than 3 or 4 years).

Rogerson02Ag: I may be wrong in my assessment here, but wouldn't we want to stay away from a Gillespie-type so we don't have another program built and then abandoned? If we go with an up-and-comer I hope there are severe financial penalties for another coach who uses A&M as a stepping stone....

hammer11: so you want a coach that will bolt at his first decent offer?

ac04: we would be the kentucky in this scenario.

* * * * * *
Topic: We Need Steve Spurrier

BeatHellOutOfTU: Steve please be on the list.... Alabamas coach wouldnt be bad either.

rebelAg02: I would be estatic with Spurrier. He is one of the few names that will really put fear into the Sooners and Horns.

BTHOthatguy: "no way" Never say Never. There is a lot of pressure on Byrne to get the right guy. If he determines Spurrier is the guy then I think we get him.

BTW, I think Spurrier might be the guy.

tymanAg08: i've heard rumors that "the ball coach" has contacted byrne, just rumors.

but i have heard it was reported on rivals.

* * * * * *
Topic: Lets hire the next Bob Stoops instead of overpaying some big name

JiveHonky: We need new blood, not some high-dollar big-name retread. Let's find someone young, hungry, and creative at the mid-major level and give him the program and facilities he needs to succeed in the harsh recruiting environment that exists in Texas and Oklahoma.

FatherOfRyan: You don't come to a big program like Texas A&M to learn to coach football.

aCosmicBandito: Yep. You don't come to A&M if you are a new coaching talent. You go to Oklahoma or to Florida or to any other school who has taken a chance and had it paid off by finding a brilliant coaching talent that will get your program back to a level of national prominence. You don't come to A&M because us Aggies are below hiring someone who hasn't proved they can do it yet. We hire the ones who have done something (i.e. Fran) and lose our games and our money.

* * * * * *

[Last but not least, my personal favorite, as a handful of Ags try to be "classy" and thank Fran for... what, I'm not sure.

Topic: Sincere Thank You To Coach Fran

Brock Samson: Thanks for giving it your all. We are sorry things did not work out and you did not fit in here in Aggieland. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for bringing in a lot of really good recruits and leaving the cupboard full for the next coach.

Powerstroke Ag: [crickets]

rtrd: No. Fran sincerely thanks A&M.

datballag: thank you coach fran for being the solitary reason that my hairline has moved back a solid 2 inches.

aTmAg: Lots of jackasses on this thread. This is the kind of talk that coaching prospects want to hear. (The coaching candidates might be reading! Shhhhh! --ed)

Andy Pipkin:thanks for nothing.

and this.