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Season Spirit Back!

Now that I gotten rid of the bad taste of the Horns season, and in the interest of rekindling the Xmas spirit - here are 10 positives that can be taken from the 2007 season.

10.  Cattle Call
Hard not to get excited by the young offensive line!  Is there another school that could line up 4 freshmen and  a soph that have the strength to play D1 football?  While they struggled with pass protection, they didn't struggle pushing people around.

9.  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - They Don't Suck
Seeing the improvement of Brandon Foster and Ryan Palmer gave me a glimmer of hope that Duane Akina is not a buffoon.  As an added bonus - they may play on Sundays.

8.  Sooner or Later
While it looked dire, the Horns did play their guts out in the Red River Shoot Out.  While a loss is a loss - seeing a team play at that level was appreciated.

7.  Rockem Sockem Robots
The Tech game was truly the only win where the Horns were ready from the git go - and they hit.  And hit.  And hit.   One of the best tackling efforts ever from the Burnt Orange.

6.  Introducing Nate Jones
A little bit of good from Limas' injury?  Nate meet the NFL draft board.

5.  Check Out the Big Brain on Brad - I mean Dallas
The big guy represents the University proudly and he knows alot more than the "Royale With Cheese" at McDonalds in France is due to the metric system.  If only McDuff knew it.

4.  Boners for BONers
Hats off to PB, 54, Patient Horns Fan, JC25 and other bloggers for a  great Blog this year.  Adopt a player - great.  You tube links - chit my pants laughing at the $5 dollar stick up.

3.  Comeback Kids

Great job to Mack, Colt, Jamal and ohters for not giving up at Nebraska and Oklahoma State.  Wish I could say the same.  Next year I pledge not to  - never mind.

2.  Coach Ruck
Coaching with cancer and ID bracelets?  Profile in courage - Nuff said.

1.  We're Not Worthy

Tickets a $100, Burnt Orange Foam finger - free, watching greatness in a Burnt Orange 25?  Priceless.