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Quick Hoops Note

No time for me to post today, but Texas returns to the hardwood tomorrow night against Texas State. AW will have a preview later today or tomorrow. In the meantime,'s Andy Katz had several interesting Texas quotes in his most recent chat:

Nick (Dallas, TX): What's your take on the Gary Johnson situation at Texas. Seems like there are a lot of liability issues involved. Health is always the top priority, but its hard not to think about how scary the Horns would be with a serious low post scoring threat.

Andy Katz: The university is of course being very cautious. But I have been told he would be cleared by the end of this month. Apparently, the doctors want to observe Johnson for 4-6 weeks in practice before clearing him for games. Once he is cleared and assuming he's in condition then the Longhorns will be even tougher and give them better balance.


Jason-KC: Hey Andy, Who are your top 5 teams?

Andy Katz: In no particular order right now:
North Carolina


Colin, New York: Andy, i think people are sleeping on Texas right now because no Durant, but people need to realize that DJ Augustin is the best point guard in the nation and Abrams is a lights out shooter, this team is legit, and there in my final four right now...thoughts?

Andy Katz: Who is sleeping on Texas? I've got the Longhorns No. 1 in my power 16 right now. Beating Tennessee on a neutral court and taking out UCLA at Pauley Pavilion are the two most impressive wins to date. Texas has potentially the player of the year so far (Augustin and Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina are my two favorites at this stage in the season) and clearly has a chance to get to San Antonio.