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First Look: Box Score vs Oral Roberts

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Texas wins again to move to 11-0 on the season, but it wasn't the easiest victory the 'Horns have enjoyed this season. The game was close throughout, with Texas assuming command late to secure the win. Once again, I couldn't see the action and AW will be along later tonight or tomorrow with a game report.

Here's your first look at the box score:

*Another nice outing from Connor, it appears. He continues his sharp shooting from downtown, while chipping in with 5 boards and 2 blocks on the interior.

*More on this in Friday's Texas Basketball Report, but AJ Abrams is ice cold from downtown. He continues to find ways to score without his long jumper, though - a big improvement from a season ago.

*Odd line from WingMan, who played 7 minutes but didn't register a single counting stat in the box score.

*Without seeing the game, I can't comment on how Texas looked, but that 22-58 FG line sure is ugly. Texas helped itself out with 21 free throw attempts (12 by DJ), a nice trend to see after Texas opened the season as one of the worst in the nation at getting to the line.

*I'll leave the heavy analysis to AW, but it's good to see Rick getting this team to secure wins even when we're not working well on offense.