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Well... Sh*t

After all that chaos, all that fun, all that speculation...

We've come full circle. With no playoff to look forward to, I'm with Mr. Levin: just call it off.

Update [2007-12-2 13:56:31 by HornsFan]: If the AP Top 25 is a useful guide for what to expect from the other human polls, OSU-LSU is a done deal.

If the Buckeyes pick up an equal proportion of first place votes in the Harris and Coaches polls, the computers will be irrelevant. I'll just say now that Big 10 fans - no matter how they feel about the Buckeyes - need to root like hell for Ohio State. Already on thin ice because of Michigan and Ohio State's bowl flops a year ago, if the Buckeyes get embarrassed again, the conference will not get a break with voters for a long time. And as we all know too well, title game participation is almost always a matter of voter taste.