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Texas at Michigan State Open Thread

#4 Texas at #9 Michigan State
The Palace * Detroit, MI
Tip: 5:30 PM  /  TV: ESPN2

Longhorns travel to Detroit for a (functional) road game against Michigan State. Tip time is 5:30 pm. Television is ESPN2. The Longhorns have handled two elite teams already this season, and it's a lot to hope for the team to take down yet another, especially outside The Drum. I've tempered my expectations, but look forward to a fun game against a great opponent who will give Texas yet another test that will help come tournament time.

**One other thing before we tip here: watch closely to see how Michigan State adjusts to Texas' speed. I think one thing that's helped Texas a lot this year is that teams are surprised by how fast/quick we are. We're really fast, and both Tennessee and UCLA weren't ready for it. It's one thing to talk about it and see it on tape, but it's another to play against it. Michigan State will have a much better chance to win today if it opens the game better prepared for our speed than others have been.