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Holiday Housekeeping

A quick note on the holiday schedule:

24th, 25th - Probably off around here, unless something big happens that merits immediate discussion.

26th - Holiday Bowl Preview. Note: I'm heading down Wednesday night for the San Diego Texas Exes event at Moondoggies. Anyone in town for the game who wants to attend please feel free to join in.

27th - Holiday Bowl Tailgate. If you're going to be at the game, please email me and I'll get you my cell phone number. 54b and I are hoping to be down by the stadium in time for a good 4-5 hours of overindulgent drinking tailgating. We'd love for any and all to come on by and join us.

30th - Orson and I will resume our Sunday night radio show with a live chat during the PetroSun Independence Bowl between Colorado and Alabama. The catch? We'll be doing a live drinking game. Every time Bob Davie does something Bob Davie would do... take a shot! If you've been dying to hear what I sound like slobbering/snoring on a microphone - here's your chance.

Happy holidays to everyone - I hope to see some of you in San Diego.

Back with regular posting on the 26th, but if you need some immediate PB reading, have a look see at this SD Tribune article on Mack Brown, in which I make a few appearances.