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Open Gameday Thread: Texas vs. Arizona State (Holiday Bowl)

Holiday Bowl: Texas vs. Arizona State

Texas Longhorns (9-3, 5-3) vs. Arizona State (10-2, 7-2)

Thursday, December 27, 2007 · 7:00 p.m. CT

Qualcomm Stadium (70,561) · San Diego, CA

Television: ESPN

Radio: 98.1 FM / 1300 AM (Austin)

This is your official gameday thread for the final Texas game of the season. If you're in the San Diego area, head to the game. PB, 54b, and countless other BONers and Longhorn fans will be tailgating all afternoon. If you're not in southern California, like me, get your laptop ready.

Even though this is not a BCS or national championship game, there are still tons of reasons to tune in. How will the defense look, especially against the pass? Will Jamaal Charles have another breakout game that leads to the NFL? Will John Chiles step on the field?

Win or lose, this is an important game. Would a loss cause the staffing changes that most BONers think we need? Or would a win make the A&M game look like an anomaly and allow 2008 to look rosier than it would otherwise?

See you tonight.

Update [2007-12-27 16:5:45 by awiggo]: Two more things. 1.) PB reports that it's 80/20 ASU to Texas fans outside the stadium. Guess San Diego is a little less appealing after Glendale and Miami were possibilities just five weeks ago. 2.) As noted in the comments, another thing to look for this evening will be who starts. We've heard for weeks that all jobs are open. If KBD are still the starting linebackers, we'll know that was just lip service.