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2nd Half: Open Gameday Thread--Holiday Bowl

After one of the wildest first halves in memory, Texas leads 28-10.

Just think about what we've seen so far: a John Chiles touchdown, two turnovers created by the defense, a third turnover called back after someone from the Texas sideline touched a live ball, a Derek Lokey touchdown, a very aggressive Texas defense, pretty good decision making from Colt McCoy, etc. What did I miss? Oh yeah, Jackson, Muck, and Norton all earned staring nods.

Overall, a very good first half by the Horns, that could have been even more dominant. The defense looks great, especially against the pass and Rudy Carpenter looks totally lost and, honestly, scared. The Texas defense hasn't gotten that much pressure on a quarterback in at least a couple of seasons.

My wireless went out. So, I'll have to enjoy the second half by the tv but not by the computer.

There'll be a post-thread up after the game.

Hook 'Em.