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Morning Coffee Preps For Another San Diego Vacation

As the basketball team flies back from a wildly successful trip west, the football team begins to make holiday plans for a trip to Southern California of its own. Yesterday Texas confirmed that it will play Arizona State in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, the Longhorns' fourth bowl trip to San Diego in the last eight years. Texas is 1-2 in its previous trips, losing 28-20 to Washington State in 2003, beating Washington 47-43 in 2001, and falling to Oregon 35-30 in 2000.

Despite the high hopes we had heading into Aggie week and disappointment with the team's performance, I'm a-okay with this bowl placement for personal reasons. For starters, I can actually attend this football game; after being stuck studying away from Austin this fall, I'm ecstatic to get a chance to tailgate and attend a Longhorn football game this year. As disappointing as the product was at times, it's easy to forget that the games remain seminal social events. We'd have fun with Texas football if the team was 0-12. (Barely, but I think so.)

Additionally, my cousin is a junior at ASU, giving us a great excuse to heckle one another all month before attending the game in San Diego. And finally, if any BON'ers are planning on making vacation plans in San Diego for the bowl, do let me know. I'm certain that myself, my brother, the Other Andrew, and Newbs will be tailgating and in attendance.

Along with being personally gratified that the 'Horns will be competing near my folks' home in Southern California, the Holiday Bowl appearance means a quality matchup with the Pac 10 runner-up, Arizona State. The Sun Devils finished at 10-2 under Dennis Erickson this season, losing only at Oregon and to Southern Cal. Out of conference, Arizona State defeated San Jose State, Colorado, and San Diego State.

We'll get into the details of the matchup throughout December, but the important thing is that we're playing a quality team to close out the season. Win or lose, this is good for the 2008 team; outside the BCS Bowl participants, there aren't many higher quality teams one could draw for a postseason opponent.

And finally, when I said Pac 10 runner-up, I was referring to the football team, not hotness of the female population. Looking at my cousin's roster of friends on Facebook is like scrolling through a Rolodex of 21 year old models. And let me assure you that you do not want to search for 'Arizona State girls' if you're at work and don't have Google's Safe Search activated. Among the publishable page one results:

Apparently, the girls can't resist themselves, either. See you at the Gaslamp District, Longhorn fans.