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College Football Blog Award: Best ACC Blog

The Blogger Championship Series is underway, and I'm pleased to announce the winner of this year's ACC blog. As up and down as the conference was this football season (did Wake Forest really make the Orange Bowl?), most candidates for this award were also candidates for the Job Award.

Let's get right to it, though...

The nominees are: Eagle in Atlanta, State Fans Nation, Georgia Tech Fanhouse, Ramblin' Racket, and Scalp 'Em.

The winner of the 2006 College Football Blog Award for Best ACC Blog is...

Eagle in Atlanta!

The runner up is State Fans Nation!

Bill runs one of the best team weblogs in the business - a thorough expose on BC athletics that effectively sets the standard for ACC team coverage. As Orange44 wrote in his nomination post,

"Bill consistently understands and promotes the proper ideals of college athletics and holds his alma mater to incredible institutional standards."


Whether he's breaking down football games, analyzing a coaching search, or talking generally about college football, Bill's always providing unique insights with expressive, engaging writing.

One of my favorite features at Eagle in Atlanta is the box of classic posts for new readers to reference upon arriving at the site. Whether he's discussing Tailgating and Trip Planning or BC-Notre Dame, Bill's consistently producing elite writing and thoughtful content.

I can't say I'm surprised that Bill's peers selected his blog as winnner of Best ACC Blog.  Congratulations, Bill!

A few words about our runner up are in order, too. State Fans Nation is one of the most vibrant, interactive communities on the web. Virtually every story generates a host of comments from engaged readers, while the content itself is always outstanding. I vividly recall madly refreshing SFN last year when Rick Barnes was rumored to be a candidate for the NC State basketball job. As good as their football coverage is, they find time to be a haven for fans of all NC State sports.

Congratulations to each of our nominees, and especially to Eagle in Atlanta and State Fans Nation!