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College Football Blog Award: Best SEC Blog

We continue our march through the 2006 College Football Blog Awards with another presentation for Best Of Conference. For those just tuning in, you can catch up on all today's awards quickly:

Best Community and Best Big 12 Blog over at Rocky Top Talk
Best Writing/Prose at MGoBlog
Best ACC Blog here at BON
Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog at DawgSports
Best Big 10 Blog at EDSBS

That should bring you up to speed and sets the table nicely for this presentation for "Best SEC Blog."

And the winner is...

Every Day Should Be Saturday!

The runner up is DawgSports!

Congratulations to both!

Let's start with Orson and his baby, EDSBS. As noted by Brian, heaps of praise are headed Orson's way, and while he may get a little red in the face (ha!), and though we might all need some knee pads by the time it's through, it's all well-deserved.

Orson is the funniest writer in the college football blogosphere. He is the best overall writer in the college football blogosphere. And, yes, his blog is the best that SEC bloggers have to offer.

I've had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Orson for our series he cleverly titled the "Golden Unicycle Diaries." I like to think myself a reasonably entertaining and quick-witted fellow, but you have no idea just how much concentration and effort it takes just to try to keep pace with Orson in a conversation. His mind races from topic to topic with stunning speed, yet the quality or comedic value of the content never suffers.

He follows and cheers for his team - the Florida Gators - the way every fan should: with zeal, passion, undying devotion, and, yeah, good humor. For all the praise Orson receives for his razor sharp comedic wit, it would be a huge mistake to box Orson into some sort of humor only category. The man knows his football, can articulate very elaborate, thoughtful analyses of our favorite sport, and is consistently on the leading edge of virtually every important issue in the conversation. That he does all that while making you spit out your coffee on your monitor is just one of the reasons this is, as Brian says, the Orson Swindle Award Bukkake!

Orson - you deserve every nice word you're receiving. We are all happier, healthier human beings because of your work. Thanks.

What a misfortune for Kyle, then, to happen to blog about a team in the same conference as Orson. Otherwise, he'd no doubt run and hide from the rest of the pack with this award. Kyle is the most kind, thoughtful, eloquent, and personally inspiring writer that I read regularly - in or out of the blogosphere.

I think the nicest thing I could say about Kyle is also the thing that makes me enjoy his work as much as I do: he inspires me to be both a better person and a better blogger. I doubt there's any single blogger I've linked to more often than Kyle, and a large part of that is my desire for others to share the same joy I've received from reading his work.

A big thank you to you, Kyle.

Speaking of Kyle - head on over to DawgSports in about an hour for the presentation for Best Non-BCS Blog.