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And The Winner Is. . . YOU!

Well, everyone but Jason Mayer, I suppose.

Yes, Burnt Orange Nation was voted as the winner of the "Best Community Award," a recognition that makes me beam with pride. Seriously, there exist countless superior bloggers than AW and I, but I always insist that you'd be hard pressed to find a better group of readers and community than that at BON.

Take a moment to read Joel's award presentation post - he's got a lot of nice things to say about you guys, including specific notes on some of our most regular contributors.

It sounds all hokey to gush about an award, but I'm genuinely thrilled that you guys were recognized for your interaction at this site. I tell anyone who'll listen that the readers at BON make the site what it is.

Congrats. And thank you.

Let's have an even better 2007.