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Looking Ahead To The Big 12 Tourney

It's amazing what you can do with your computer these days. . . Mix in MS Paint with some information from the internet and basic mathematics and you can create the Big 12 Tournament bracket.

The bracket to the right reflects how the Big 12 Tournament field would be seeded were the season over today. Looking at the field, Texas fans have to be reasonably pleased with the #3 seed, if for no other reason than because the game is the last of the evening, when everyone could watch without work conflicts arising.

Looking at the seeds, one wonders just how long Kansas State can hang on to that fourth slot in the standings. Their win over Texas was pretty flukey, and they've since been annihilated by Kansas and lost to a below average Nebraska team. As iffey as the Wildcats have been, they do enjoy the benefit of playing in the Big 12 North, where they still have what should be a couple of easy wins in front of them: Iowa State in Manhattan and Colorado in Boulder. Winning those two would get them to nine conference wins, and leave them needing an upset versus Kansas, at Oklahoma State, or versus Oklahoma to get to ten wins.

For Texas, unless they somehow play themselves into the #1 seed - which seems unrealistic - they're going to have to earn their way to the conference tournament finals. As always, though, the key for Texas is taking care of business on their end, rather than consuming extra time worrying about what's going on around them. As mentioned in this morning's Texas Basketball Report, the goal really needs to be: get to eleven wins. If the 'Horns meet that goal, they'll be in a solid position entering postseason tournament play. . . where, as we all know, anything can happen.