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Morning Coffee

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Let's start with the 'Horns trip to Waco, which several of us joined them for. I'm hoping 54b will give a blow by blow of our afternoon and evening in Waco, but the short of it is: lots and lots of booze and an exciting basketball game. Thank God we won, because the ride back to Austin would've been awfully long if we'd let that one get away. Thanks to MMHorns, Church, and 54b, as well as Bear Meat's Red Andrews, for a fine Saturday in Waco.

As for the game - AW's got a great writeup of the action below. I was watching this game far less as an analyst and more just as a fan having fun, so my mental notes from the game aren't what they usually are. It was an odd game, with neither team finding much offensive rhythm, and Texas playing down to its competition. Kevin Durant is starting to slow up a little bit as teams start to spend more defensive capital on him. I think he's maybe hitting a bit of a wall physically, too. I know KD's well known for how hard he's been working out, but I think it's starting to take its toll. I've never seen a player grab his shorts so often. I hope Rick's urging him to rest up some.

Turning to football for a moment, MB-TF has a few notes on injured guard Cedric Dockery, who's rehabbing from knee surgery. He won't be able to join the team for the early spring practices, but remains "on schedule" for a full recovery. We'll see. Texas could use C-Dock back at full strength.

The Longhorn baseball team banged out 17 hits and eight runs, but couldn't hold off the Cardinal in the weekend series' finale. Stanford picked up four runs in the ninth off Randy Boone to win 10-8 on Sunday, but Texas won Friday and Saturday's contests to get the series win. With the loss, the Horns drop to 6-5. The 'Horns will play a Tuesday afternoon game with Texas State at the Dell Diamond before a three game series next weekend versus Washington State.

The #1 ranked Texas men's swimming and diving team won their 11th straight Big 12 title and 28th consecutive conference title (dating back to SWC days), and will enjoy a burnt orange tower lighting in their honor this evening.

Only a handful of tickets remain for the 'Horns Tuesday evening game with Texas Tech, and after just running quickly through the Texas Box Office, I can tell you that there aren't two seats available together. You'll have to buy individual tickets and get in where you fit in.