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Morning Coffee

The first order of business is a round of thank yous. First, to Joel at Rocky Top Talk. All those fun awards never see the light of day without Joel's tireless efforts. Especially you folks who were nominated and awarded, be sure to show Joel some love.

Second, to each of you readers here at BON who offered your congratulations and appreciation to AW, AR, and I yesterday.  Lots of nice things were said, and did not go unnoticed. Thank you all.

If you're ready to start talking NCAA tourney seeds, this is your site. (HT: Card Chron). Texas' consensus seed is a #7 as of right now, though most of the projected brackets are from a week ago, prior to Texas' road win in Lubbock. ESPN bracketologist (how weird is it that I don't have to explain to you what this term is?) has Texas as a #5.

This story leaves me speechless. I'm literally not sure what to think. Huh?

It's really nice when others do your work for you. First, we had LD arguing against CFR's inane pro-Cal Rose Bowl post. Now Kyle jumps in with an official Can We All Agree decree. Here, here!

Big Red Network has a state of the offseason piece on Texas. I'd say it's more or less an accurrate assessment, though I think he overestimates the level of anxiety among Texas fans. As little fun as it was to watch OU go to the Big 12 title game, Texas beat the Sooners for the second year in a row, and only dropped their final two games because the quarterback suffered an injury. Most of us can live with that.

Reed Arena is going to be absolutely bonkers on Monday evening, and A&M officials aren't handling the unprecedented enthusiasm particularly well right now. Brad's covering this as it unfolds, and must be dizzy from all the switching at A&M these days:

There's a ticket pull. There's not a ticket pull! Texas A&M is going to sue a Texas retailer. Now they change their mind. Here's to hoping the Aggies are as indecisive on the court Monday night as their administration is off it.