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Plantin' Seeds

Littlevisigoth is ready for some seeding talk, and so am I. Let's break down various scenarios for Texas and how they might affect Texas' seed.

#10 - #11 Seed Very unlikely for Texas. For this to happen, the Horns would have to drop their last three regular season games and get slaughtered in their opening round tourney game. An ugly four game losing streak is the only way Texas falls to this range.

#8 - #9 Seed I could see Texas in this range with a win in Norman, two ugly losses to KU and A&M, and a sad showing in the Big 12 tournament. I -think- last night's win puts us in a position to avoid this seed if we do a little bit more than what I just outlined, which would give us a. . .

#7 Seed Looks to me like this is where Texas sits right now, and shouldn't have too much trouble maintaining. A win over OU, A&M, or Kansas, plus one win in the Big 12 tournament gets Texas a #7.

#6 Seed Texas has work to do to move up this high, but it's not at all out of reach. One such scenario is winning two of the final three regular season games (take your pick), plus a first round win in the Big 12 tourney. Another scenario is winning one of the final three plus -two- Big 12 tourney wins.

#5 Seed Texas would have to get pretty hot to earn a #5 seed, but it's certainly possible with the teams left on the schedule. Texas potentially has six games left on its schedule. If they won five of six, you'd see them as high as #5 in the brackets.

#4 Seed Win six in a row, and Texas would, I think, be a #4 seed. Those six wins would include at OU, versus A&M, at Kansas, and three Big 12 tourney wins (probably including Kansas and A&M again).

This is all speculative, of course, and largely an academic exercise. Texas has secured a spot in March Madness, and regardless of seed, will be exciting to cheer for come tournament time. Still, I'm curious:

  • Do you agree with my general assessment?
  • How do you see Texas finishing down the stretch?
  • Where do you envision us being seeded?