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Morning Coffee

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Date: Thursday, 2/22/07
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On the iTunes: Apocalypta: "Reflections Revised"
Ooooh!  A new format for the Morning Coffee!  Okay, nothing drastic. Rather, I'm trying to write these things in the evening, as carving out time first thing in the morning is rather difficult. So, the new goal is to set aside the time in the evening before bed, pick something from the iTunes, indulge in a beverage, and write. Plus: I think we'll all enjoy comparing notes on music and beer - two of my (your?) favorite subjects.

Some terrific news from MB-TF, as we learn Roddrick Muckelroy is fully healed heading into spring practice. If you've been reading my notes for any amount of time, you know how high I am on Muckelroy, so here's to hoping the nerve damage, which "could have cost him permanent use of his finger," is gone for good. Texas could really use Muck's playmaking abilities on the field in '07.

Some less good news broken in this diary, which noted that 2007 recruit Ahmard Howard has been arrested on marijuana possession charges. Following up at Orangebloods, I learned that both Howard and fellow '07 recruit Brandon Collins were taken into custody, but that both passed a drug test, and appear to have been "victims" of the Wrong Place/Wrong Time thing. The driver of the vehicle they were riding in appears to be the one who's taking the fall here, and though charges will likely be dropped against these two young men, let's hope it's the last time we hear their names in the news for this kind of thing. Must we learn every lesson the hard way, gentlemen? (For me, the answer to that has always been 'yes,' but I hope they're better than me. For the record.)

I speculated below that Texas had moved into a #7 slot in seeding with their win over Texas Tech, and ESPN's Joe Lunardi agrees, moving the 'Horns up a seed in his latest Bracketology. Lots of interesting speculation in the comment section of the post below, including, "Has 54b told one joke too many?" (Miss Oaxaca votes 'no.' Miss Maine votes 'yes.'  We'll see.)

The wheels are officially off. The Lady Horns dropped another game last night, this time to Oklahoma State in Austin, 64-52. The loss drops Texas to 5-9 in the Big 12, tied for 9th place. To the Lady Horns fans who are calling for Jody to walk away. . . it's hard to argue.

Double T Nation has the latest on the fate of the Cotton Bowl.

Drifting further off topic here - amazingly, scores of Bill Simmons' readers write in to him with notes that encourage him to write about things other than basketball. Let this be an official vote that Bill Simmons write about nothing but basketball. His latest ruminations on the Las Vegas All Star weekend are delightful. His decision to throw himself into basketball writing of late has been a blessing. Great stuff.