Connor's Mom To PB/AW:

So I made the trek up to OU today with occasional BON'er longhornroadtrip and a couple other guys. The game was nice, Sooners are hicks, we got a couple memorable stories to tell about the fans, but one of the best parts of the trip is when we hung around at the end to get pictures down near the court.

We saw two ladies wearing burnt orange. After having them take pictures of us, they introduced themselves as Connor and JD's mothers.

After talking to us for a while, Connor's mom (who is very nice, by the way), asked us if we read any Longhorn blogs. Ryan heads up www.longhornroadtrip, and we talked about that, but the real kicker from the conversation was when Mrs. Atchley brought up 'that Burnt Orange Nation site.' I confirmed my love for the site, and she gave me a funny look.

So like any good mother looking to give the bully a "good talking to," she told me to tell you guys she wanted to meet you.

Anyway, just relaying the message.

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