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I'm Glad This Means Nothing

You've probably noticed that is updating its bracket projection each day, and while I meant what I said yesterday about not getting overly lost in seeding and matchups, there's no denying that there are easier paths to the Final Four than others.

I thought yesterday's Bracketology put Texas in an awfully tough spot (Horns as a #7 seed, opening against red hot Winthrop, with Florida at #2 and UNC at #1), but today's may be even tougher. Texas still sits on the seven line, but their opening round matchup would be Indiana (Sampson rematch!), the #2 seed is a big Memphis team that can match us athletically, the #3 seed is Georgetown (Who guards Hibbert? Ha!), and the #1 seed is UCLA.

Like I said before, it's most important to focus on playing your best basketball, but those are some incredibly tough matchups for Texas. And while I didn't think about it yesterday, this Texas team is, I'm afraid, a little more dependent on not getting matched up with the wrong teams. Georgetown is the perfect example of a team Texas would have trouble beating, no matter when or where we wound up playing them. It's just hard to figure out how Texas would handle Georgetown's 7'2" center, and I could see Jeff Green defending Durant as well as any collegiate player has this year.

Again, there's no reason to be fatalistic about how your bracket looks, but it'll certainly be interesting to sort through who Texas gets paired with. Fortunately, there's a LOT of basketball left between now and bracket announcements, so we've got plenty of time to shelve those concerns.

(If you can't tell, today's going to be an incredibly long day. . . All I can think about is Texas basketball.)