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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
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2007 super recruit Gary Johnson scored 41 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, but Aldine dropped to Houston Madison 87-73. Madison sophomore point guard Tommy Mason-Griffin dropped 37 points to pace the victory. Johnson will attend Texas this fall. Mason-Griffin is a prospect to keep an eye on for the '09 class.

In other hoops recruiting news, Rivals is reporting that Louisiana super stud Greg Monroe has listed Texas among his choices for college. Monroe, a dominant 6-10 post player, is the nation's #1 '08 recruit and will spend time this summer sorting through his decision. The truth is, Monroe can go anywhere he pleases, and while Texas is among nine other schools on his list, it's exciting to be in the running. Remember, no one thought Kevin Durant would be headed to Texas, so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

If you're not excited about tonight's matchup with Texas A&M, you probably hate college basketball. And yourself. And probably America, too. Ticketless AW and I will be here on the site, hammering away comments in the live thread. Hope you'll join us. AW's game preview is below.

EDSBS Radio got off the ground last night and it was, as promised, a train wreck. Orson and I couldn't log on to the host platform as co-hosts, which meant I had to call in from the cell phone to fulfill my co-hosting duties. If you didn't get a chance to listen in, you can listen to the archived podcast here.