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Morning Coffee

My goodness... there's just not much to report right now. We've got the hoops well covered below, the Lady Horns are off until tomorrow night, and Texas' 2007 recruiting class is a done deal (officially tomorrow). The only news that needs to be reported is that the Horns take on UT-Arlington at the Dell Diamond today at 3:00. Fans who can't attend can catch the game on the radio (AM 1300).

And yet, we must have a morning coffee, yes?


In most uncreative fashion, I'm going to offer a list and put it up for discussion. Today's topic: the five college recruits not coming to Texas who I wish were.

1. Ryan Mallett (Michigan) He's not the most mobile guy in the world, but he's no Jared Lorenzen, either. And his arm... oh, that arm. Mallett delivers missiles that he precision guides with Jedi mastery into receivers hands. Of all the players at the Army All American Bowl, he was head and shoulders above the rest, so much so that, if I woke up tomorrow morning and Rivals had added a sixth star to his rating, I'd barely blink.

2. Chris Gallipo (USC) He's a playmaking linebacker who might see action at Texas his freshman season. Given our injuries and lack of development by some key guys, he'd be a terrific player to see in burnt orange.

3. Marc Tyler (USC) When internet rumor mongering included a potential defection to Texas for the star tailback, I have to admit I got excited. It was not to be, unfortunately, and USC's got themselves a special one. I like a lot of the talent Texas already has, and has coming in, but Tyler would be a fun Longhorn to watch.

4. Rolando McClain (Alabama) Aty 6-4, 240, the guy looks like the next Derrick Johnson. Which would be awfully nice, don't you think?

5. Marvin Austin (Not Yet Committed) The Washington D.C. defensive tackle is the cream of the crop on the D-Line this year, and the talent in the state of Texas thins out a little after this year. I'm glad the 'Horns picked up Andre Jones, because there's not a ton of depth at the position after this year's seniors (Lokey, Okam, Miller) move on.

Who'd I miss? Tomorrow's signing day, which means today's the last time you can fawn over these guys with out officially slobbering over the players of another school.